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March 15th, 2017


For the 2017 Summit, we are pleased to welcome many amazing speakers. Learn about them below by clicking on their links:


Dr. Noa Kageyama

Performance Psychologist

Colin Williams

Associate Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

Ira Gold

Double Bass, National Symphony Orchestra

Will Timmons

MockAuditions.com, Founder

Clair Condit

TheMarketedMusician.com, CEO

Jason Heath


Jeff Nelsen

Fearless Performance

The Breakthrough

Many times you may run into a wall when it comes to your audition taking. What keeps you from playing your best? Could it be fear, anxiety, lack of preparation, not trusting yourself? There is a long list of things that contribute to a less-than-optimal performance and every person has a unique set of issues to work through.

We all need to be able to perform our best in any given situation. It’s time to get rid of those issues and allow ourselves the chance we deserve at winning our next audition. That is why the Audition Breakthrough Summit was created.

In this summit, we will focus on improving our MINDSET, STRATEGY, and FLOW. These three components are essential for achieving your audition goals. Each session will relate to at least one of these components, giving you the tools you need to excel and achieve your goals.



Events begin March 15th, 2017

Session 1 – We begin with a brand new 25-minute video tutorial on CENTERING by Dr. Noa Kageyama. Let him teach you the basics of centering and how to maintain or regain your composure during any audition. What is centering? Centering is a strategy that professional athletes, business people and musicians use to play their best from the beginning of a race, sales pitch, excerpt or solo. #Strategy #Mindset

Session 2 – An Interview with Colin Williams about his audition journey. Topics include his early successes and physical struggles he’s had along the way. He discusses his path to recovery and how he was able to win a position in the New York Philharmonic. His insights help us understand what truly makes an audition winner. This is a masterclass in resilience. #Mindset #Strategy

Session 3Ira Gold, bassist with the National Symphony, talks of his experiences serving on over 10 audition committees and what he’s learned from hearing the players who excel. An articulate and passionate teacher, he defines what makes winners stand out above the rest. #Strategy #Mindset

Session 4 – As an avid audition coach, Will Timmons presents ways to maintain a positive mindset during the rigors of auditioning. Some people win their first audition, but most people don’t. Learn how to adopt a growth mindset in order to persevere and win. #Mindset

Session 5Dr. Noa Kageyama and Will Timmons discuss the mental state of flow. Performing while in a state of flow is one part of that ever-elusive “X-factor” that people search for. Understanding it a bit better will help you on your way to achieving your optimal performance state. #Flow

Session 6 – Marketing expert, Clair Condit, gives a resume writing seminar. She discusses the function of an audition resume and why it matters. She gives advice from real life personnel managers on how to get past a resume round.  Hone your writing skills and present yourself as a professional. #Strategy

Session 7Jason Heath discusses the conversations behind his new book, “Winning the Audition”. Interviews with over 25 audition winners give insight on practice routines, nerves, x-factor and technique. #Strategy #Mindset

Session 8 – Fearless Performance is a large key to success. Jeff Nelsen presents us with his amazing method of turning our performances into opportunities to share music with others. #Strategy #Mindset #Flow

Session 9 – Mock auditions are the key to unlocking your success. How do you structure a mock audition in order to benefit the most? In this tutorial, Will Timmons walks you through the process of coordinating a mock audition that will benefit you the most. Test yourself with some insane strategies. #Strategy

What is the Audition Breakthrough Summit?

Learn about the Audition Breakthrough Summit 2017

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What is the Audition Breakthrough Summit?

Audition Breakthrough Summit is a virtual conference of major industry leaders in audition preparation. The Summit consists of streamed video sessions covering many of the most pertinent topics relating to audition preparation and execution. Click on Schedule to find out about sessions that are currently scheduled.

When you purchase an access pass, you are buying a ticket to see the whole conference. Each pass has different features, so pick the one that fits your needs the best.

We hope to inspire, motivate, and educate you in an effort to propel you towards achieving your goals.

When is the Summit?

March 15, 2017

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When is the Summit?

Audition Breakthrough Summit 2017 will begin on March 15th, 2017.

The conference will be spread out over 4 days, allowing you access immediately when sessions are released.

With your access pass, you will get email reminders and notifications to login in order to access the videos when they are about to be streamed.

All videos will be archived and you will be able to access them for as long as your pass lasts. Purchase a pass that fits you best.


If your private teachers have taught you what you need to know, then why do you still get nervous? Let’s face it. Not all of us have the tools we need in order to perform our best under pressure. Invest in tools that will last a lifetime. Join the Audition Breakthrough Summit today to gain the confidence you deserve as you prepare for your next audition.

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